Shuttles - Everglades Airboat Tour

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Duration: 4 hours (If starts/ends in Fort Lauderdale) Includes Travel Time.

You'll have the chance to experience the Everglades by 3 mini tours:

1) Journey into Nature's secretly preserve wilderness via a thrilling airboat ride

2) Alligator exhibitions in their native environment with professional guides. (narrated show)

3) Experience the wild life, visit the alligator farm and spot the birds of prey.

Hang in there! During the whole trip alligators, snakes, birds and turtles’ll surround you. And as part of this one of a kind trip you also get to experience an alligator-handling demo!!!

Cost: $45.00 per person (minimum of 5 passengers).

Cost: Up to 4 passengers $300 for the group

Please ask for our bilingual tour.


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